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Insider view: what our staff really think of our new look

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When the decision was taken to change our appearance, we knew our staff needed to be at the centre of everything we did and we worked really hard to ensure this came across in our new branding. We consulted our best asset at every step. Our core values were created using feedback from stakeholder surveys and you will notice members of our recruitment team in our imagery.

So, what do our staff members really think about the rebrand? Here's are some of their thoughts:

"The Maxxima rebrand makes it clearer to explain what we do when speaking to candidates and clients. Making my job easier. The look and feel is so much better and it's interesting to see work colleagues in the imagery".
Sarah Giles, Recruitment Consultant - Nursing

"It's been good to be included in the rebrand process instead of it simply happening without us being part of the journey. When I first came for an interview and looked at the website it was difficult to understand what Maxxima did. I think the new website communicates what we do really well and gives a good sense of who we are and what we're like before meeting us".
George Fielder, Recruitment Consultant - Radiography

"After starting at Maxxima in June it's great to have everything new and consistent. I spend a lot of time sending messages to candidates and clients and with our old branding it often raised questions about who they were talking to. Having Maxxima as a more obvious brand takes care of that. The new website is much more current. It's easier to navigate and the content is more engaging".
Emma Stephenson, Recruitment Consultant - AHP

"We know we're the leaders in our market and now we get to look like it".
Neil Webb, Contracts Manager

"The main thing I like is having a clear and definitive brand to introduce myself with that states who we are. Including people who work in the office in the visuals is much better, although it may be strange for those appearing interviewing candidates in the same room where their face is on the wall behind them. I love the website. It's cleaner and nicer with a strong search function. It will be interesting to hear what our candidates have to say". 
Sam Flood, Team Manager - Mortuary & Paramedics

"The new brand is about us and much more current, especially with the photos. It's less confusing for the future when dealing with candidates and clients to lead with one brand, I just need to change my intro when speaking on the phone". 
Alex Maslen, Recruitment Consultant- Radiography

We love our new look and we hope you do too. If you have any feedback then do please get in touch:

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