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​Advice for temporary hcpc registrants amid COVID-19

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​Advice for temporary hcpc registrants amid COVID-19

Due to the unprecedented spreading of the Coronavirus throughout the UK, registered professionals in our NHS disciplines are being asked to return to work in order to support the NHS during this time of need.

Learn everything you need to know about how the temporary register will work, what happens if you do not wish to return to practice and answers to our most frequently asked questions below:

What is the temporary register, and how does it work?

The temporary register is a list of eligible former registrants and third year students who could be called to help with NHS services. This temporary Register has been created in order to ensure the NHS is as prepared as it can be for COVID-19.

Registration for this COVID-19 temporary Register is automatic – so if your name is on the list and you would like to offer your support, you do not need to do anything further – employers will be using this list to decide what, if any, checks need to be made in order to prove identity. For the majority of former registrants, this is likely to be an informal process which will rely on employer records, professional networks and HCPC documentation. However, for students on the temporary Register, employers should liaise with educations providers in order to confirm identity.

If you are eligible for temporary registration, but you haven’t yet received your email as your contact details have changed, please email the registration team at with your updated contact details.

The Register only applies to individuals who have de-registered in the last three years. However, if you have been de-registered more than 3 years but still want to help, get in touch with your local NHS trust to advise on what other support and roles are available.

If you’re going through the returning to practice process, but want to support your profession with COVID-19, can you join the temporary Register?

If you have been out of practice between 0-3 years and you are going through the returning to practice process, your name should already be listed on the temporary Register. This means you are allowed to return back to practice on a temporary basis – however, you must continue with your returning to practice in order to achieve permanent registration with HCPC.

If you have been out of practice for three years or more, based on our current risk assessment, you will be unable to join the temporary Register.

If your name is listed on the temporary Register, do you still need to pay fees?

There are no fees required for the HCPC whilst on the COVID-19 temporary Register, whether you decide to return to practice or not. This is a temporary measure set out by the government to ensure that usual regulatory costs do not apply.

Do you need to make a health/character declaration before practising under the COVID-19 temporary Register?

No – a health or character declaration is not required for anyone on the COVID-19 temporary Register. These measures have already been taken to remove from the pool of de-registered individuals those who have been subject of concern for fitness or practice in the past.

However, there are standards temporary registrants will need to meet. These include:

  • Reduce risk of harm - Taking reasonable measures to reduce risk of harm as far possible to service users, carers and colleagues.

  • Health and safety risks - Not doing anything, or allowing anyone else to do anything, which could put the health or safety of a service user, carer or colleague at unacceptable risk.

  • Physical and mental health implications - Making changes on how you practise (or stop practising) if your physical and mental health may affect your performance or put others at risk. If you believe your health may impact your ability to practice, you should not return.

If you work using temporary registration, will you be paid?

If you work using the temporary Register, here at Maxxima, we will be able to pay you contract or locum rates for these placements. These contract payments will be in line with the current state of the market, and they may differ depending on demand.

You have Maxxima's support

Here at Maxxima, we are working as hard as ever to supply jobs across all discipline's. With automatic registration on the temporary Register, and approval, our process remains the same as it always has – and you will be treated like any other candidate. Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you want to return to practice to support the NHS in the COVID-19 crisis. However, there are lots of opportunities for you to take part in if you choose to return, and numerous ways to help not only your industry, but our entire nation.

For more advice and available working opportunities in your area, speak to our team.

Alternatively, for more detailed information about the register and general FAQ's, visit the HCPC website.

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