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GPhC temporary register advice amid COVID-19

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GPhC temporary register advice amid COVID-19

Due to the unprecedented spreading of the Coronavirus, more formally known as COVID-19, throughout the UK, registered professionals in the pharmaceutical sector are being asked to return to work in order to support the NHS during this time of need.

The GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council) has worked with the UK Government to introduce a COVID-19 temporary register for retired pharmacists and technicians to re-register.

Here at Maxxima, we can offer support to former registrants who are returning to practice. Learn everything you need to know about the GPhC temporary Register, how it works, who is eligible and the roles in demand.

What is the GPhC temporary Register, and how does it work?

The GPhC temporary Register is a list of eligible fit, proper and suitably experienced people who could be called to help with pharmaceutical services. Under the Pharmacy Order 2010, this registration registers eligible candidates to act as pharmacists and pharmacy technicians if an emergency is declared by the Secretary of State. This temporary Register has been introduced in order to ensure the NHS is as prepared as it can be for COVID-19. This is as the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care has asked the GPhC to use their emergency powers to rapidly register pharmacy professionals in order to assist in this national response.

Who is eligible for the GPhC Register?

The GPhC temporary register includes pharmacy professionals who had voluntarily removed themselves or were removed for non-renewal from the GPhC register in the last three years, and did not have Fitness to Practice issues. Those candidates who were eligible for temporary registration were given the option to opt-out before the register went live. Registrants on this list will also be fit, proper and suitably experienced individuals who can assist in the pharmaceutical sector during this pandemic.

Which pharmacy jobs are in urgent demand?

This new initiative will be able to facilitate support to the NHS, as pharmacists will be able to help provide care to patients. As one of NHS England's workforce partners, Maxxima is supporting the recruitment drive to supply staff in urgent demand.

Some of these key roles include:

  • Band 3 Pharmacy dispensers - all dispensary support.

  • Band 4/5/6 – pharmacy technicians to cover Checking, Aseptics, Dispensary.

  • Band 6/7/8a Pharmacists - clinical wards, cancer services, oncology and dispensary support.

  • Band 8a/8b Pharmacists - with cardiology, respiratory, ICU and ITU experience.

  • Independent Prescriber Pharmacists

For full details on the GHpC temporary Register, visit the General Pharmaceutical Council website.

You have Maxxima's support

Here at Maxxima, we are working as hard as ever to supply jobs across all discipline's. With automatic registration on the GPhC temporary register, and approval, our process remains the same as it always has – and you will be treated like any other candidate. Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you want to return to practice to support the NHS in the COVID-19 crisis. However, there are lots of opportunities for you to take part in if you choose to return, and numerous ways to help not only your industry, but our entire nation.

Interested in hearing more about jobs for temporary GPhC registered staff? View all our Pharmacy jobs or Speak to our team today

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