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At Maxxima we put candidates and customers first. To do this we are constantly looking at how we can impact the future of healthcare.
Making it more equal, more accessible and easier for everyone. Here you will find the latest news about Maxxima and our mission to
improve people's lives, through expert healthcare recruitment.

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7 winter hearty meals for under £1 per person

​Chances are you’ve stumbled on this blog post because, just like us, you need a little bit of inspiration for some new hearty meals you can try this winter without breaking the bank. Whether whipp...

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12 Christmas gift ideas for £20 and under

​As Christmas approaches, somehow, it can seem like you've got a gift list that's not just longer than your arm; it’s longer than the tinsel dangling on the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. There...

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Fun and accessible winter date ideas

​It’s fair to say that the premise of warm days and the light nights of summer are all but a distant memory (thanks for that, 2023), so with the air turning crisp and the nights drawing closer, it’...

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Adverse weather: tips for driving in the winter

​As winter approaches and adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, frosty mornings and occasional snowfall become more frequent, your daily commute can soon transform into a mission reminisce...

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You said, we listened: September's viewpoint results.

​Welcome to Septembers Viewpoint updateThank you to everyone who gave us their much-valued feedback in our latest Viewpoint survey. Your participation continues to provide great value in helping us...

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Free online CPD event: Human Factors in Healthcare

​Join us at our free online CPD eventAvoidable harm costs the NHS £3 billion annually in compensation, legal costs, and extended hospital stays. No one sets out to make mistakes, but they happen. T...

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Pharmacist Skills And Qualities That Employers Look For

Pharmacist skills and qualities that employers look for

Ever wondered what pharmacist skills and qualities employers look for during the recruitment process? Whether you're new to pharmacy or have many years of experience, this blog will help to propel ...

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Pharmacist Career Path And Progression Opportunities

Pharmacist career path options and opportunities

A pharmacist career can be highly rewarding. With many career paths available, you can make a positive difference to people's lives in many different settings, from independent pharmacies to large ...

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Common Radiography Interview Questions

Common radiographer interview questions and how to answer them

​If you’re in the process of applying for jobs as a radiographer, you may be wondering what you’ll be asked when it comes to the interview stage. ​Rest assured that we can help you prepare. At Ma...

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You said, we listened: July's viewpoint results.

Welcome to July's Viewpoint update.Thank you to all those who dedicated their time to participate in our recent Viewpoint survey. Once again, our unwavering commitment remains to prioritise your ne...

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Role And Responsibilities Of A Clinical Pharmacist

The roles and responsibilities of a clinical pharmacist

If you’re researching into the role and responsibilities of a clinical pharmacist or are looking for information on how to become one, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve outlined what a clinical...

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Radiographer Salary And Pay Rates In The Uk

Radiographer salary and pay rates in the UK

​If you’re researching into how much a radiographer makes in the UK, here at Maxxima, we’ve outlined the average radiographer salaries and pay rates for the role and its different specialisms. It ...

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Heyford Park May2020 003

Introducing Maxxima and InHealth

​Exclusive roles with the award-winning provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions ​Here at Maxxima, we’re extremely pleased to be partnered with InHealth, the UK’s largest specialist provider...

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You said, we listened: April's viewpoint results.

Welcome to April's Viewpoint update.Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our latest Viewpoint survey. As always, we're committed to putting you first, connecting you with great jobs ...

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Your Complete Guide To Hcpc Registration In The Uk

Your complete guide to HCPC registration in the UK

​Certain healthcare professionals in the UK legally require registration with the HCPC. If you’re looking into what will be involved with your HCPC registration, our article summarises everything y...

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How To Become A Locum Pharmacist

How to become a locum pharmacist

​If you’re looking for a pharmacist job that provides you with flexibility, versatility and greater control over when and where you work, you may be interested in becoming a locum pharmacist.There ...

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Common Pharmacist Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

Common pharmacist interview questions and how to answer them

​At Maxxima, we are committed to providing you with the best support when it comes to finding your dream pharmacist role because we know it’s more than just a job; it’s your career. Our experienc...

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You said, we listened: January's viewpoint results.

Welcome to your first Viewpoint survey results for 2023.Thank you to everyone who gave us their much-valued feedback in our winter 2022 survey. Unfortunately, December did see our lowest ever parti...

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Radiographer Career Path And Progression Opportunities

Radiography career path and progression opportunities

If you’re a diagnostic or therapeutic radiographer wanting to know more about the career path ahead of you, we’ve outlined everything you would want to know about your potential next steps. Here at...

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Role And Responsibilities Of A Hospital Pharmacist

The role and responsibilities of a hospital pharmacist

​A hospital pharmacist is a highly trained professional who works in hospitals to provide medications to patients and assist doctors with prescribing medications. Their role is critical to healthca...

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