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Delivering cost savings to the NHS without compromising patient care

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In 2010, the procurement and temporary staffing mangers at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust decided to simplify their AHP/HSS temporary recruitment process.

After a series of discussions, they recognised that channelling all their requirements through one supplier would give rise to a number of benefits including:

  • Cost reductions: prices would be driven down through economies of scale

  • There would be greater visibility on expenditure through accurate collation of management information

  • Departments would be able to exercise more efficient workforce planning

  • Time spent liaising with multiple agencies for each requirement would decrease

  • Back office processes would be streamlined and more efficient

  • A single point of contact would be accountable for all temporary staffing

Although an ideal solution in principle, the trust knew it was critical for whoever they chose to be master vendor to provide comprehensive reassurances regarding price, clarity and stability and mitigate clinical risk through quality guarantees. Clearly with such high expectations, it was imperative to implement a thorough procurement exercise in order to select the right agency for the job.

Maxxima submitted a successful tender application and was subsequently appointed master vendor. The main reasons given were:

  • During the tender process the trust conducted a series of cost comparisons to understand, for each grade and speciality of AHP/HSS locum, how each applicant’s cost proposals compared against current expenditure. A 19.6% saving was identified in Maxxima’s cost proposal (with significantly more in efficiency savings likely through process streamlining)

  • Maxxima was able to demonstrate a proven track record in managing such a model and filling the requirements associated with a large acute trust. The trust knew that through Maxxima, they would gain access to the locum databases and recruitment expertise of 28 different suppliers

  • Maxxima was able to demonstrate a proven ability to carry out recruitment in line with NHS standards

Today, as well as Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Maxxima operates as master vendor for a further 36 trusts nationwide. Our model is proven to be a sustainable vehicle for delivering cost savings to the NHS without compromising vacancy fulfilment commitments and patient care. In addition, further efficiencies are available via our direct engagement capability.

We are confident that our master vendor service offers the best value on the market. In fact, in 2013 one of our trusts employed the services of management consultants Accenture to, amongst other things, review their temporary staffing processes and identify where costs could be reduced. After a lengthy benchmarking exercise, Accenture concluded that, where AHP and HSS temporary staffing was concerned, the Maxxima master vendor service offered the best value on the market.

For further information on Maxxima’s master vendor service, please contact:

Neil Webb
Maxxima Contracts Manager
T: 0207 7498 282
M:0790 0956 136

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