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April's Viewpoint Results.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to complete our latest Viewpoint survey. We were delighted to discover that 76% of you are satisfied with your experience of working with us.

As always, your feedback has been so valuable in helping us to identify areas where we are doing well and those in which we will look to improve. Read on to hear more about the key themes from our latest survey and the new initiatives we’ve been busy working on.

Variety of opportunities

We recognise your desire for more variety of jobs across the UK, with 73% of you sharing this with us. While we currently offer an extensive selection of nationwide roles, we remain committed to bringing you excellent career opportunities and continuing to extend our offering. This is one of our top priorities.

Currently, Maxxima has over a thousand roles available across all our AHP and HSS disciplines. These are across both the public and private sector. We are working on increasing this so that we can place even more people in work that is fulfilling and career-enhancing.

We continue to hold more master vendor contracts than any other agency, so we put you first in line for the opportunities you want. We give you exclusive access to roles with the following clients:

  • NHS trust and private hospitals across the UK

  • Government organisations responsible for public health

  • Private organisations providing remote clinical reporting

  • Organisations providing digital and online therapies

  • Private start-up laboratories

No matter what your career goals are, your consultant at Maxxima is here to help. We’re always ready and waiting to discuss the kinds of opportunities you’d like to take on, with specialist knowledge of your individual skills and the specific requirements of your specialism. Reach out even if you don’t see the jobs you’re looking for on our site, as we always have additional roles that aren’t posted online.

More permanent opportunities

Our mission at Maxxima is to do everything we can to ensure you find your perfect role. So we’re delighted to announce that our efforts have led to a significant increase in permanent work opportunities, as 2021 was our busiest year yet for placing our candidates in permanent roles across a variety of sectors. We’ve grown so much in this area that we’ve now established a brand-new division, with a team who work exclusively with candidates find permanent placements.

This specialist team will oversee all of our AHP and HSS placements, dedicating themselves to creating even more opportunities for long-term work. Whatever professional goals you’re pursuing, we can support you at each stage and help you to progress in your career. If you’re looking for a new permanent role, please speak to Charlotte Cornelius or Emma Cook, who will help you move forward in your search.

Charlotte Cornelius -

Emma Cook -

Monthly superstar awards

We’ve listened to your calls for more rewards and recognition for the work you do. We agree wholeheartedly that acknowledging your achievements is so important, so we’ve taken a look at what else we can do to honour this.

We’re really excited to let you know about our new Monthly Superstar Award. We will be selecting two of our locum partners to receive this title every single month, along with a special prize to say thank you for the work you do and going above and beyond. Winners will be nominated by our Recruitment Teams and gifts will be sent directly to your nominated address.

We are keen to celebrate your dedication to delivering excellent work as locums, so we hope this helps to express our appreciation for the service you provide.

Our monthly Winners will be announced on social media, so follow our channels to see if you’re a winner.


It’s great to see from your feedback that you are happier with our compliance process since the last survey. We’re delighted that the growth of our compliance team is leading to more positive experiences for you. It’s still early days in this change process, so we’re thrilled to start seeing the benefits of this already.

As a reminder of how we’ve strengthened this department, we recently carried out a restructure of our compliance team. The aim of this was to offer a greater level of candidate support as you secure opportunities, placing you into work more quickly. In addition to our onboarding team, who are now able to dedicate themselves solely to preparing you for assignments, we have created a focused compliance team. Their priority is to keep all of your necessary documents updated to safeguard and protect your locum contract, in line with Government Framework audit requirements.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to complete our latest Viewpoint survey. Our next survey is just around the corner, so we urge you to please take the opportunity to share your feedback with us. As you will see from the above, it really helps to better shape our service around your needs, so we truly value your thoughts and suggestions​

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