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Managed service programme

Channel all your talent acquisition through a single, trusted healthcare workforce delivery partner. Maxxima, part of Acacium Group, has been successfully delivering sustainable workforce solutions for over 20 years.

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Benefits of our managed service programme solution

Our managed service programme delivers benefits including:

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    We reduce costs by effectively managing rate cards, reducing off-framework agency spending and offering economies of scale. We consistently provide long term savings throughout our partnerships.

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    Process adherence

    Our commitment to expert clinical governance ensures we keep patients and workers safe in all we do; our management team has successfully deployed workforce solutions for over 20 years, providing the highest clinical standards.

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    Supply chain management

    We have an established supply chain through Acacium Group, a global healthcare delivery partner, and work with trusted suppliers across the UK.

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    We will provide all the data and information that you need to understand about your workforce, from cost to allocations, through tenure to quality allowing you to make the best decisions based on evidence and understanding.

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    Data and management information

    We give you with greater visibility on what is being spent and where through accurate management information (MI) collation. We can highlight gaps in the recruitment workflow to improve time to hire and aid retention.

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    Long-term workforce planning

    Our unique insight and capabilities using technology, data science and operational improvement help deliver new workforce planning and management methods.​

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    Process improvement

    We will work with you to design the best and most effective solutions through technology and processes management to create time savings, continuous improvement and repeatable operating models. This reduces administrative burdens and allows you to focus on delivery of your goals.

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    Improved talent acquisition

    We deliver market-leading attraction campaigns, seamless onboarding processes, and strong retention plans through dedicated teams. We can manage 100% of the supply through our managed service programme.


  • Head of Temporary Staffing

  • Admin Manager

  • Neurophysiology Clinical Lead

  • ​“Maxxima have consistently saved money across the trust. This has provided a clear monthly and annual cost saving through ABI & margin reductions. I have worked in collaboration with Maxxima to ensure that off contract spend is minimised and any rate cap breaches are kept to a minimum.”
  • ​“Our biggest staffing challenges are Physiologists in Neurophysiology and Respiratory Physiology. Maxxima has assisted with both areas, and the locum staff have been absolute godsends in our restore and recovery plan.”
  • ​“Maxxima staff have been very professional and helpful at each contact, and we have been very satisfied with all communication, along with the standard of Locum staff supplied to us.”
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Our featured master vendor clients

We’ve secured master vendor and preferred supplier contracts with many NHS trusts, where we’re achieving improvements in total workforce spend and capacity. Details of our most recent master vendor contract wins are below.