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Your timesheets and pay

At Maxxima we are committed to offering all healthcare professionals a seamless and stress-free payment experience.
Learn more about different methods of payment available and decide on the process that works best for you.

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  • "​I would wholly recommend working for Maxxima. I have a good working relationship with the cardiac physiology team, they find me assignments which suit my circumstances and location and obtain me the rates I ask for."


    Echocardiographer , Liam

  • ​"When I looked to become a Locum, Maxxima stood out to me straight away. Leaving permanent work to become a Locum was a daunting prospect however all the guys at Maxxima fill you with confidence with their knowledge, urgency and friendliness. I felt right from the start that they were always going to do the best for me and my career."

    Respiratory Physiologist

    Respiratory Physiologist , Chris

  • "​I love working with Maxxima because of their efficient, well-organized and friendly service. I have never struggled to find placements through Maxxima and they have found positions for me in really great departments. The service that I have received from Maxxima has been seamless and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a move into the world of locuming!"

    Cardiac Physiogist

    Cardiac Physiogist , Frances

  • "I have a positive professional relationship with my consultant who understands and considers my needs and career aspirations especially since I'm in a niche field."

    Psychological Therapies

    Psychological Therapies , Dean

  • "​I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you do a great job. I’m glad I decided to work with you back in February 2016. It’s great how easy it is to talk to you as you are always available to support me and keep me updated. You always find for me the best opportunity to work and provide me support during consignments. Now it’s almost like having a close friend/family right here with me who helps me work with peace of mind. I just can’t thank you enough for your great effort."

    Cardiac Physiologist

    Cardiac Physiologist , Mudassar

  • "Maxxima's service is second to none. They've always accommodated my needs and arranged every aspect of my placement seamlessly "


    Radiography , Graham


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  • Explore your payment options

    We encourage you to thoroughly explore your employment options so that you can assess what the best arrangement is for you.

  • Option 1

    Paid PAYE

    PAYE = Pay As You Earn. You’ll be paid via Maxxima’s payroll directly each week. All necessary deductions will be made at source meaning everything that arrives in your nominated account is yours to spend.

  • Option 2

    Paid by a Umbrella company

    This method involves an agreement with a 3rd party supplier. Maxxima will pay the umbrella company the gross amount, from here the umbrella company is responsible for doing the necessary deductions and paying you into your nominated account. Umbrella companies usually take a small fee for each timesheet processed.

  • Option 3

    Paid by a Limited company

    This method is similar to those above however payment will be sent directly to your limited company. If ‘within IR35’, all deductions will be made from source. If ‘outside IR35’, the gross amount will be paid, and you are responsible for making the necessary deductions at the end of the financial year.

Pros and Cons of payment methods

Although we can’t advise you on which payment method you should choose, we can provide further information on each.

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    • Peace of mind that your tax affairs will be taken care of, with no nasty surprises from HMRC and no fees


    • If you work through several agencies, you may have to treat it as a ‘secondary employment’ and pay. Meaning higher tax in the short-term, before claiming it back at the end of the year.

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    Umbrella company


    • If you work through several agencies, or several different positions, you can manage your tax affairs through one ‘employment’.

    • Advance payments can be made to you in exceptional circumstances. 

    • You are covered for Professional Indemnity Insurance by the majority of umbrella companies that we work with, therefore you won’t have to cover the cost of this yourself.  


    • Weekly fees

    • If the umbrella company doesn’t manage your tax affairs correctly, you could face a large tax bill and penalties. This is not something that Maxxima condones and we don’t wish to put our workers at any risk,  therefore all umbrella companies we work with are audited to make sure you are confident in using them. 

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    Limited company


    • If your assignment is ‘outside IR35’ you may be able to extract funds from the company in a more tax- efficient manner i.e. dividends, business-related expenses. Something to speak to an accountant about in more detail. 


    • Monthly fees.

    • If ‘inside IR35’, and work is in the public sector, your agency has to deduct tax and national insurance deductions.

    • If ‘inside IR35’, and work is in the private sector, your agency has to deduct tax and national insurance deductions from April 2020 onwards, and you should

All Locum pay rates across the industry are subject to both Employer’s and Employee’s National Insurance deductions. Ask your recruitment consultant to discuss what this means for your hourly rate. 

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Timesheet and payment deadlines

Maxxima issues payments three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This means that if you miss a timesheet deadline, you only have to wait a few days until the next deadline, instead of a whole week.

If you are working through a direct engagement model, payment will depend on the Trust and the payment portal/payroll team that they use. Please contact your Recruitment Consultant for further guidance.

Maxxima payroll deadlines and estimated dates you should receive payment are displayed below:

: Monday - 6pm

Payment received: Thursday - 9am

: Wednesday - 3pm

Payment received: Thursday - 4pm

: Thursday - 10am

Payment received: Friday - 4pm

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