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Workforce consultancy

Partner with Maxxima to gain a deeper understanding and improve your approach to recruitment and retention. Assess your current practices, upskill your hiring teams, and uplift your recruitment performance.

Gain valuable insights into your recruitment processes.

Ask us about workforce consultancy

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Benefits of choosing our workforce consultancy

Our workforce consultancy delivers benefits including:

  • Cost savings

    Maxxima’s workforce consultancy services can prove more cost-effective than requiring the time and resources of an array of in-house teams.

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    Insights backed by expertise

    Our team is led by experts with extensive experience in healthcare recruitment, employee engagement and retention, human resources, and organisational development.

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    Improved strategic processes

    Our workforce consultants will guide you towards focusing on what matters most to your business. They’ll help you to align your workforce projects with your key organisational goals.

  • Improved supplier selection

    We can help you to develop your preferred supplier list (PSL) and select a vendor model that works best with your processes and systems.

  • Greater focus on core operations

    By allowing our teams to assist you with workforce analysis and planning, you’ll free up your internal teams to focus on their core operations and objectives.

  • Industry-leading audits

    Our in-depth diagnostic offers the ideal way to understand and improve your current workforce practices. We can also help you audit your branding to strengthen associations between employer, employee, and candidate.

  • Upskill your workforce

    Your hiring managers and teams can join our innovative workshops, gaining skills and knowledge that will empower them to make the right choices for recruitment.

  • Improved recruitment performance

    Each facet of our workforce consultancy services is geared towards improving your recruitment performance and increasing productivity and efficiency.


  • Head of Temporary Staffing

  • Admin Manager

  • Neurophysiology Clinical Lead

  • ​“Maxxima have consistently saved money across the trust. This has provided a clear monthly and annual cost saving through ABI & margin reductions. I have worked in collaboration with Maxxima to ensure that off contract spend is minimised and any rate cap breaches are kept to a minimum.”
  • ​“Our biggest staffing challenges are Physiologists in Neurophysiology and Respiratory Physiology. Maxxima has assisted with both areas, and the locum staff have been absolute godsends in our restore and recovery plan.”
  • ​“Maxxima staff have been very professional and helpful at each contact, and we have been very satisfied with all communication, along with the standard of Locum staff supplied to us.”
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Our managed supply chain consistently delivers results

Over the past 20 years, we’ve built a comprehensive list of supply chain partners who support us in fulfilling your requirements. We work together to manage the sourcing, delivery, and supply of healthcare candidates at scale for NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across the UK.

Our shared goal is to save organisations time and money and allow them to focus on what matters: delivering expert patient care.

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We’re part of national frameworks

As an approved supplier to the NHS, we hold contracts with major healthcare staffing frameworks, NHS trusts, private hospitals, and local authorities.