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Hybrid Services

Maxxima’s hybrid service combines both our master vendor and vendor neutral services to give you even greater flexibility. This solution supports you with different temporary staffing needs across locations or for specific specialisms. We work with you to develop the multi-talent supply chain, with the benefit of one supplier that understands your unique requirements.

Choose Maxxima’s hybrid neutral service and you can expect:

  • Cost reductions

  • Process adherence

  • Supply chain management

  • Greater visibility on expenditure

  • Accurate management of information

  • More efficient workforce planning

  • Streamlined back office processes

  • Stronger candidate pool

  • Flexibility to choose recruitment suppliers for specific roles

  • Use several suppliers to fill high-volume vacancies at speed

  • Agreed rate cards for specific roles

As your master vendor, we’ll manage your multi-talent pool of locum hires from all suppliers, supporting you in enhancing efficiency and improving visibility of expenditure.

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