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Using the NHSP Connect portal

Before your first shift


Please complete the following forms before working your first shift to ensure you’re set up on the system and paid correctly. Once completed, please send it via email to

How to use NHSP Connect 

Getting set up and logging in

Unlike some other direct engagement portals, you do not require a login for NHSP Connect, as we will submit timesheets on your behalf.

Submitting timesheets


When starting work with us, you will receive your timesheet template via email from your consultant. You will need to get this signed at the end of every week by the client and send it to us to complete and upload to NHSP Connect by 5pm Tuesday

Top tips: Before sending us your timesheet, ensure you’ve completed all the following sections correctly: working hours, breaks, and client name. It is essential that we receive timesheets in black and white, in a clear landscape format; if timesheets are not in a clear format, this may result in a delay in your pay.

Timesheet statuses explained

You’ll be paid directly by the trust, and payment is made the Friday after the week is consolidated as per the example below: 

Week 1 = Working week

Week 2 = Data consolidated (Wednesday)

Week 3 = Payment made by Friday

Accessing payslips

You can access your payslips via the MySBSPay app. When downloading the app for the first time, you’ll need to register for an account using your email address. Further information on the app can be found below.

Download the MySBSPay app:

For further information on the app, click here.


As part of the trust’s temporary worker recruitment process, all new temporary workers and existing NHS employees must complete this questionnaire and send it back to the email address on the form to see if they are eligible for the NHS pension scheme.  

Further information regarding the NHS pension scheme can be found below:

Ensuring you are on the correct tax code

To ensure you are on the correct tax code, please complete the HMRC starter form and return it to us along with the P45 from your previous role via email at This is the best way to ensure you are on the correct tax code and therefore, paying the correct amount of tax.

Further support

If you have any questions regarding NHSP Connect or submitting your timesheets, please reach out to our team directly at We’re here to support you.   

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