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Temporary HCPC registrant jobs


​COVID-19 temporary register

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the HCPC has worked with the UK Government to create a COVID-19 temporary register for former registrants who have de-registered in the past three years and a temporary register for third year students who have completed all their clinical practice placements.

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Jobs for temporary registered staff

This new HCPC initiative will draw nurses, doctors and other vital staff to help to tend to patients. As one of NHS England's workforce partners, Maxxima is supporting the recruitment drive.

Example of roles in demand:

  • HCPC registered Dietitians

  • HCPC registered Biomedical Scientist in Microbiology / Virology

  • HCPC registered Speech and language therapists

  • HCPC registered Radiography assistants (Band 4)

  • HCPC registered Mortuary Technicians

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Experts in recruitment

Maxxima has been providing high-quality, flexible staffing solutions to the UK health and social care sectors since 2001.

​Our commitment to developing long-term relationships with clients and candidates means we are market leaders in matching talent in allied health, health science, nursing and social work to leading public and private health clients, local authorities and social care providers.